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Puzzle Master

48pc Jumbo Floor Puzzle Underwater World

Those puzzle experts at Puzzle Master are back with their incredible 48Pc Jumbo Floor Puzzle Underwater World jigsaw puzzle. It is a great way for a child to have fun, especially if they love all the cool things that live under the sea. At 48 pieces this is one jigsaw puzzle that is going to provide a fun, but also challenging experience. There are enough pieces that your child will have to really think and use their problem-solving skills. However, at the same time, there are not so many that this will become frustrating for them to do. The 48Pc Jumbo Floor Puzzle Underwater World jigsaw puzzle features an incredible underwater theme that has sharks, dolphins, and whales swimming and having fun in the ocean. Each Puzzle Master jigsaw puzzle is made to the highest standard, featuring solid carding and high-quality printing to ensure each puzzle really does pop. The 48Pc Jumbo Floor Puzzle Underwater World jigsaw puzzle is a wonderful gift for a child who loves to solve puzzles. It will help them work on their fine motor skills and they will have a real sense of accomplishment once they are done and that have that wonderful ocean scene looking back at them. Suitable for ages 3 and up.

Key Features:

Children will love all the amazing ocean creatures Puzzle Master jigsaw puzzles are made to the highest standard 48 pieces is the perfect number for a child It will help a child work on their problem-solving skills You get a high-quality jigsaw puzzle for a very low price!