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baby Annabell

Baby Annabell Potty Training Set

Oh dear, a nappy really does stop me moving about as much as I'd like, thinks Baby Annabell®. And it is always so hot wearing a nappy, body, tights, trousers etc. etc. That is why Baby Annabell® is desperate to learn how to use a potty. The pink baby toilet encourages her to practice with its funny sheep face. Once she has done her “business”, she mustn't forget to use the paper from the sheep dispenser and the powder from the bottle. Baby Annabell still has three nappies for when she's out and about – you never know.

• Original clothing/accessories for the Baby Annabell® branded doll
• The premium quality accessories boost the imagination and offer new options and stimuli for play

Baby Annabell® Potty Training Set with potty, powder bottle, paper in sheep dispenser and three nappies.

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