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Bunnies By The Bay

Bunnies By The Bay Bye Bye Buddy Blue Bunny

Once upon a time, big sister bunny Blossom opens the door to find Bao Bao, the little bear who needed someone to care. That was the beginning of a heart-warming tale of friendship that lasted forever.

Now your child can enjoy the comforting delights that these little friends bring. This Bye Bye Bunny is a floppy furry friend who'll make the perfect security toy for your child. And with a Velcro grip, this bunny perfectly holds on to your baby’s pacifier! 

It's a combination of a toy and a blanket which can also be tied to your baby’s stroller or crib - so your baby always has a loving friend by their side. It's small size also makes it the perfect travel companion, so you can bring it along on your next long car ride, or trip to the park. 

When something is as lovingly hand-made as this, it's sure to be cherished for years to come... just like the friendship of Blossom and Bao Bao!

Blossom's Bye Bye Buddy features:

  • Hand-made from soft velour..
  • Velcro grip for baby's pacifier.
  • Follows the story of Blossom and Bao Bao.
  • A combination of a soft toy and security blanket.
  • Small size makes this toy the perfect travel companion.
  • Contains no filling inside.

Colour: Blue.
Height: 32cm.