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Bullyland Cow Liesel Brown/White

App: 12.3cms long

Interesting facts: -

Weight: 500 - 800 kg -

Size: 150 cm -

Life expectancy: approximately 20 years - Colours: white, brown, black (speckled or plain) The female domestic cattle are called cows. The cows are herd animals. In the summer they live outdoors. They eat and digest most of the day. They spend the winter in the warm barn where they are fed with hay and grain. They eat more than 50 kg of grass per day and drink up to 180 litres of water. They are milked twice a day and can produce up to 30 litres of milk a day. The cow provides milk for her calf to suckle. Cow's milk is very nutritious and makes the calves grow up quickly.