Cloud B

Cloud B Sunshine soothing sounds owl Natural

Promotes healthier and happier sleep
Made using the highest quality materials
Helps keep children feel secure and comfortable

Scientifically proven to promote better sleep in newborns and young children, the Sunshine Owl is the portable, battery-operated plush toy that will lull your child into the land of nod with the comforting white noise sounds.

He`ll also tell your little one a bedtime story, so your baby can hear the comforting sounds of a human voice to send them off to the land of nod.

The Sunshine Owl offers 2 shut-off options (23 or 45 minutes) so you can set-and-forget Mr. Sunshine Owl and he`ll conserve his own battery power.

You can adjust the volume depending on the amount of ambient noise in the vicinity, and the Velcro tab allows you to attach Sunshine Owl to your pram, cot, stroller, car seat, luggage – anywhere where your baby might need to nap!

Sunshine Owl is machine washable (after removing the sound machine) and he is made of the softest plush polyester, making him satisfyingly huggable.

Beautifully packaged ready to impress, the Sunshine Owl will make a welcome baby shower or special occasion gift for parents with young children.

Plays 4 soothing `white noise` sounds:
- Mother`s heartbeat
- Ocean surf
- Spring showers
- Whale songs

2 sleep-timer options with auto shut-off: 23 & 45min

Adjustable volume

Velcro tab easily attaches to pram or cot

Soft polyester plush is cuddly to the touch

Gorgeously packaged

Suitable from birth

Dimensions: Owl is approx. 19 × 15 × 8 cms

Batteries: Requires 2 x AA batteries (which are included! Yay!)

Material: Polyester
Care instructions: Machine washable (after electronic noise machine has been removed)