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Dino Valley Skull Bucket 45pc


The dinosaurs have overtaken Dino Valley! Do you dare step foot inside?

There are 30 ferocious dinos just waiting to make you their lunch! Included inside this dino skull are such terrifying titans as the fearsome Velociraptor, the flying Quetzacoatlus, the prickly Spinosaurus, the meat-craving Carnotaurus, the colossal Brachiosaurus, the rampaging T-Rex. and more titanic terrors!

Use the accessory pieces like fences and stones to corral the behemoths… they're sure to break free but never give up on capturing them and making the Dino Valley Response Team proud!

  • 1 Skull Bucket , 7 Dinosaurs, 24 Mini Dino and Other accessories
  • Open and close jaw of the skull bucket, attachable fence