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Fur Real

Fur Real Friends Mama Josie the Kangaroo

Mama Josie loves caring for her 3 little babies. Ones a boy, ones a girl, and one well, you wont know until you've unboxed them all! When shes not busy caring for them, shes likely enjoying her smoothie treat or doing a little dance. Mama Josie loves to have fun!

So many sound-and-motion combinations
furReal Mama Josie the Kangaroo toy responds to touch and sounds with 70 sound-&-motion combinations! She can move her head and arms; hold her babies in her paw (one at a time, of course) and kiss them; and play music when she dances. Never a dull moment with this Outback mommy!
Being a mommy really works up an appetite
This loving mama does enjoy her smoothie treat. She makes all kinds of sounds when enjoying a snack munching, slurping, hiccuping even burping!
Love, care, and lots of fun
Taking care of 3 babies is a lot of work, but Mama Josie enjoys every minute of it! And youll enjoy taking care of Mama Josie just as much. Give her a treat, watch her happy hoppin dance, and help with her cute roos. So much fun to have. So much love to share!
Age: 5+