Hasbro Games

Game of Life with Pets

In The Game of Life game players choose a path and move their car tokens around the gameboard from Start to Retirement!

Who is headed for wealth and fortune? Pick a path for a life of action, unexpected surprises, and dream vacations, but spend cash wisely because the wealthiest player at the end wins the game.

Players can adopt pets in this version of The Game of Life game. Every player gets a pet at the beginning of the game.

It also features Pet spaces. Land on 1 and draw a Pet card. Do what it says and keep the card until the end of the game — it’s worth money! The Game of Life game is a family game that’s easy to set up and quick to play. Players imagine the life they want by choosing their path along the gameboard.

Will they receive a fortune and lose it as quickly as they got it? Will they need a bank loan to pay a debt? Once everyone reaches the end of the game at retirement, everyone pays their debts and adds up their wealth.