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Lil Fraser Collection Swaddle Indiana


As soft and gorgeous as they are practical, a high quality swaddle wrap is an essential component in your nursery. Thoughtfully designed by a Sydney mum, our wraps are crafted to enable easy and hip-healthy swaddling of all sizes of babies. Here at L’il Fraser Collection, we know how essential sleep is for your baby, and of course, yourself.The simplest and best solution to helping your baby to sleep undisturbed and comfortably is to use a L’il Fraser baby swaddle wraps. Not only does the swaddle allow for a natural sleep position, but can be also used as an ideal feeding shawl, light cot blanket, security blanket or play rug.

Crafted from pure cotton jersey, the L’il Fraser swaddle wrap is a versatile item that is without a doubt an essential in any nursery. From stripes to polka dots and chevrons, baby pink to sky blue, our unique range of swaddles will complement any nursery design. Both light and breathable - warm in winter and cool in summer (especially with its ability to swaddle upper body only - with baby’s legs open to the cool air), our baby swaddle wraps have been designed with a deep understanding of the needs of both mother and baby.

120cm x 120 cm Cotton jersey Stretch Wrap


Generous Size: can swaddle newborns through to the largest of bubs. Due to our unique weave, the L'il Fraser wraps provide extra stretch.

Super Soft: 100% cotton jersey

Multiple uses: ideal feeding shawl, cot sheet, pram blanket, security blanket and floor rug  

Care Instructions: 

  • Cold  or warm (up to 40 degrees) gentle machine wash
  • Do Not bleach
  • Iron on medium Heat
  • Do not tumble dry
  • Do not line dry in direct sunlight