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Little Live Pets

Little Live pets Lil Dippers Fish Asst S2

Little Live Pets -Lil' Dipper who loves to swim and show off her fins!

This beautiful fish has the most magical unboxing experience! Dip bag that she is packaged in into water. As the bag fills, the water activates this beautiful toy fish and she comes to life and swims out showing off her lovely tail and fins! Lil' Dipper has the most amazing life-like movement as she swims about swishing her colourful tail and fins! Lil' Dipper is a fabulous fish who's full of personality and sass.

Each Lil' Dipper comes with a magical feeding bottle so you can interact with your fish. Watch as Lil' Dipper swims towards it to feed. There are 3 different Lil' Dippers to collect, each one beautifully themed to show their personality! Dive into the Dipper’s world. It’s where aquatic meets exotic!

Suitable Ages: 5+ years.

Each sold separately. Subject to availability. If you require a specific style, please advise us using the comments at the checkout and we will do our best to comply. 

Fish tank sold separately.

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