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Love Diana

Love Dianna Mini Doll Food Stall - Cupcake Cart

Look! It's Diana the Baker on her amazing Cupcake Cart! Diana the Baker is ready to make some cupcakes - yum! You can help her make them with the dough and cupcake mould included! Lift the cupcake lid to reveal your cake stand! Ta-da! Push down again to close and store! This amazing cupcake cart doubles as a scooter! You can push your cart and proudly display your cupcakes for your family and friends. The handle on the box also becomes a colorful bracelet for you!

Love Diana Mini Doll Cupcake Cart Food Stall Playset

  • 6" Diana Baker Doll (exclusive to this set)
  • Cupcake Cart/scooter
  • Cupcake Mould
  • 2 packets of dough
  • Hairbrush
  • Accessories for you include: colorful bracelet