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Hasbro Games

Operation Game Pet Scan

Help Rex Ray
Oh no! Cavity Sam’s dog, Rex Ray, has been naughty and he swallowed a bunch of things he shouldn’t have. Players guide each ailment through his belly and out his tail end to help him feel better.

Magnetic Dog-o-Scope
Using the magnetic Dog-o-scope, players slide each ailment along the dog’s belly without letting it fall out.

Don’t Let it Fall
Try to stay on the path while moving each ailment through the dog’s belly. If an ailment falls out, that player’s turn is over. If it’s removed successfully, Rex-Ray will fart or bark in relief and that player gets a point. After all the ailments are removed, the player with the most points wins.

Fun Sound Effects
The game features silly sound effects. Press the pup’s nose to hear fun sounds.