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PLAYGO TOYS ENT. LTD. Make It Sizzle BBQ 10pc requires 3 x AA batteries


This entertaining BBQ Grill Playset lights up, sizzles, and smokes just like a real outdoor grill! 

  • It has an On/Off button on the front of the grill that turns on a glowing red light to simulate fire.
  • Listen to the sizzling sounds while your food cooks.
  • Fill the water reservoir with water and watch real water vapor “smoke” rise from under the food.
  • Food is temperature sensitive and will change colour when at room temperature and when exposed to cold water!  
  • BBQ Set Includes: BBQ Grill with Lid, removable grate, 2 grill plates,3 pieces of charcoal,2 forks,2 plates,2 hot dogs,2 kabobs,1 pair of tongs,1 corn on the cobb,1 chicken wing, ketchup bottle

Great play set for children aged 3+ 

SKU: T65525