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Rubiks Race Game

The makers of the Rubiks Cube have produced another hit game that will get your brain and fingers racing!

A fantastic 2 player game that is a must for any board game collection, Rubiks Race will see you battling against another player in an attempt to solve a variation of the classic Rubiks cube puzzler!

The aim of the game is to slide your tiles around, arranging the centre 9 squares into a predetermined  pattern created by shaking the Scrambler tile box. Whatever pattern the Scrambler gives is the target for the next round.

Separating the playing areas is a hinged vertical window. The first player to complete the goal drops the window onto their tiles, outlining the 9 tiles and target pattern and declaring themselves the winner!

It's fast, it's fun, it's simple ƒ?? the 3 best things when it comes to board games and one-on-one battles!

So if you've got a competitive spirit, or just think this brightly coloured Rubiks creation looks like fun (which it is), then Rubiks Race is the game for you!

Can you handle the pressure?