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Safe T Sleep Head Wedge


The little Safe T Sleep HEADwedge assists parents and caregivers to help position a back sleeping baby's head on alternate sides. This helps prevent Positional Plagiocephaly flat (deformed) heads, which is an on-going worldwide concern.

The Safe T Sleep HEADwedge is designed to be used together the Safe T Sleep Sleep Wraps.

When back sleeping baby use the HEADwedge tucked WELL underneath the Safe T Sleep Sleep Wrap babywrap so that it complies with safety advice not to have ‘loose items in the cot’. Place the little HEADwedge on alternate sides of baby’s head at each sleep. When side sleeping baby you can use the little HEADwedge tucked behind their back.

The Safe T Sleep HEADwedge is most useful from first returning home from the hospital through to when baby is approximately six months old. The younger the baby, the softer the head so in those early days after baby first comes home baby's head will typically be softest.

100% cotton cover over a specially-designed triangular foam strip.