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Sc15018 Postosuchus

The postosuchus lived at the time of the first dinosaurs and looked similar to a crocodile, as you can see from the postosuchus from Schleich® Dinosaurs.

The postosuchus was an archosaur and thus a close relative of modern crocodiles. It had strikingly ossified skin and a long, narrow snout. It usually moved on four legs. Sometimes it stood on its hind legs so that it could hold prey with its claws. When the postosuchus from Schleich® Dinosaurs opens its powerful, movable jaw the sharp, dagger-like teeth become visible.

Fun fact:
The postosuchus was named after the place it was found – the city of Post in the US state of Texas.

Functions: The Schleich postosuchus has a moveable lower jaw.

Dimensions: 7.28 x 2 x 2.28 inch  (W x D x H)


SKU: SC15018