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SC42369 Schleich Horse Stall With Horses And Groom


The experienced horse groom leads the Arab mare and her foal out of the horse stall. She lovingly tends to them using a horse brush and curry comb. As she does so, she notices a small cut, which she treats with medicine and a bandage. You can remove the roof to see how the horses are doing.

Dimensions: 40 x 45 x 17 cm (W x D x H).
1 x horse stall.
1 x horse stall roof.
1 x horse groom.
1 x Pintabian mare.
1 x Pintabian foal.
1 x horse stall sign.
1 x rack.
1 x water trough.
7 x paddocks.
1 x grooming box.
1 x horse brush.
1 x magenta curry comb.
1 x purple bandage.
1 x medicine bottle.
1 x salve.
1 x purple halter.
1 x bunch of carrots.
1 x purple rosette.
1 x turquoise rosette.
1 x sticker sheet.
1 x assembly instructions.