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Snorta Card Game


The Party Game of Moos, Meows and More

Get ready for laughter as your friends and family suddenly start sounding like they were born in a barn! In Snorta, each player is randomly assigned a typical farm animal, hides their animal, and then the fun begins! As cards are quickly flipped over, tongue-tied players stumble and stutter to blurt out the sounds of the other players' secret animals. It's a barnyard battle that will have everyone howling with laughter!

Oink! Moo! Baa! Woof! This just might be the craziest party game you ever play! Tension builds as players take turns to flip over cards, but as soon as a matching pair of cards is revealed absolute chaos ensues. Players start squawking all kinds of animal sounds as they struggle to remember what their opponent's hidden animal is! Behind all of this madness is a terrific game that not only reinforces matching and memory skills, but also teaches the importance of paying attention!