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Strictly Briks

Strictly Briks 6" x 6" Stackable Baseplate Asst Colours

These stackable base plates come in a variety of 12 different colours and are great for building on. These work with all the leading brick construction sets. Each of these base plates are solid to maintain their shape and they provide a great surface area for the children to play on allowing them to create single constructions or multiple constructions all on the one mat. The flat design means they can be easily stacked on top of on another to be put away for easy storage while also being strong and robust to take a lot of wear and tear while maintaining their functionality. This also makes these easy to clean helping to prevent the spread of germs as the children share these with each other. These can be used individually with one child playing on them at a time or they can be placed side by side increasing the play value and allowing for larger construction creations to be designed. Construction blocks and resources help to promote a variety of cognitive and physical skills. Construction and manipulative resources promote both fine motor and gross motor development. They encourage problem solving and logical thinking to solve issues such as balancing blocks, where the next piece goes and how to make the structure that they want to build. Team work is also a key feature in the use of construction resources. Children can work together to design and build intricate and thoughtful structures using their creativity, imagination and logical thinking. Social, communication and language skills are all improved through playing with construction resources. Children build perseverance as they build their constructions. Play encourages creativity, imagination, perseverance and the development of language and social skills. Children become more confident and develop a stronger sense of identity through play. Each base plate measures: 15(L) x 15(W)cm. Compatible with leading brick construction sets. Ages 3+ years.

Price is for single item. Multiple items shown. Each sold separately. Subject to availability. Colours and styles may vary from time to time in store. Please note: If purchased online, orders will be picked at random. If you require a specific variant, please comment in notes, or visit Toyworld Warrnambool.