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Strictly Briks Trap and Gap Brik Tower Baseplates & Stackers 19pces


This Strictly Briks Trap and Gap Brik Tower Set features 15 stackers, 2 stackable baseplates and 2 Trap and Gap baseplates for trap doors and ramps!

This set of Strictly Briks includes 19 pieces and let budding builders stack their way into making their imagination come to life! It comes with 15 Stackers, 2 Trap and Gap baseplates in 10x10-inches as well as 2 stackable baseplates that each measure 10x10 in inches that can all be used to add trap doors and ramps to any creation for the ultimate building playtime!


  • This Strictly Briks set includes:
    • 15 Pieces of Stackers
    • 2 10x10-inch Trap and Gap Baseplates
    • 2 10x10-inch Stackable Baseplates
  • Comes with an assortment of different colours.
  • Each baseplate measures 25.5cm x 25.5cm.
  • A great new addition to any building blocks collection.
  • Compatible with LEGO, Duplo, Mega Bloks and other leading brands.
  • Also available in other road designs (sold separately)
  • No batteries required.
  • Suitable for kids from 5 years and older.

Let your child add some trap doors and impress new ramps to their brick creations with the Strictly Briks Trap and Gap Brik Tower 19 Pieces Set!