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Sweet Dreams

Sweet Dreams High & Dry Cot Mattress Protector

HIGH & DRY Cot Mattress Protector by Sweet Dreams

How this mattress protector works for your baby/toddler

High & Dry uses 6 layers of materials, that when combined provide maximum air circulation, absorption and dispersion of liquids. This combination of materials enables this product to outperform any infant mattress protector available.

When the baby or toddler has an accident or in the event of any spillage, this liquid will travel through the top cotton layer, then the upper layer of the air holes, through the vertical cushion fibres, then continue down a further layer of air holes and is then absorbed and dispersed into the cotton fleece.

The waterproof lining protects the mattress. Once the liquid contacts the cotton fleece it is absorbed. The baby or toddler will be separated from the liquid by the layer of vertical cushion fibres.

Your baby lays above the liquid, not in it – only with High & Dry