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Tikk Tokk little boss hexagon playpen coloured


The ultimate in wooden playpen designs; the TikkTokk BOSS Playpen offers minimal assembly, is the most simple wooden playpen to stow and re-assemble and provides a the safest play environment of any wooden playpen. It achieves these remarkable characteristics through the patented design of its connecting corner which importantly makes it the only wooden playpen available (1) with rubber feet to prevent sliding (2) push button assembly for quick foldup storage. Created from quality timber, the TikkTokk BOSS playpen is the only extendable and shape-changeable wooden playpen on the market that does not require extra components, simply push the button to adjust the shape.

Cot-slats instead of "prison bars?
Gaps Meet Safety Requirements
Best price and value, Tough and Durable
Quick and easy to change shape and size
Patented shape-adjust joining mechanism
Timber construction with Rounded Edges and Corners