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toy story 4 feature talking Bo Peep Shepherd with giggle mcdimple


Bo Peep has changed a lot since she last saw Woody. She has ventured out into the world as an adventurer and friend of all toys in trouble. Officer Giggle McDimples is the head of Pet Patrol located in Mini-opolis! She is also Bo′s good friend and confidant! Give your child an interactive experience with over 40 talking sayings.

Product Features:

  • Put Giggle on Bo’s left shoulder & they’ll recognise and speak to each other! *All voices come from Bo’s internal speaker
  • Remove Giggle from Bo’s shoulder and both will react
  • Bo Peep also talks alone
  • Original voices and over 40 sayings in total
  • Beautiful Bo Peep looks just like a porcelain doll!
  • Bo has articulated head, shoulders, elbows, waist, legs and knees
  • Real fabric outfit with removable shepherd staff
  • 14” tall Bo Peep & 2” tall Giggle McDimples
  • Ages 4+

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