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Xtrem Bots Woki - My First Coding Robot - Req 3 AAA Batteries

Get started in the world of programming with Woki, the smart robot that reads colors! Build a maze with the 81 tiles available, use the color chips to schedule the route and help Woki solve it. Combine tiles in different ways to create in¬finite mazes or solve the 60 pre-designed. Robot designed to start learning educational robotics that allows an easy and fun approach to programming. You won't need a computer or tablet for kids to learn the principles of STEM programming with this kids toy. Woki is the first programmable robot perfect for the little ones. The robot toy plays music and action sounds while solving the maze. This children's robot is programmed by colors: each color performs a different pre-programmed action. The robot is powered by 3 AA batteries (not included) and contains 81 tiles (12x12cm) to build the mazes and 39 colored chips.